Monday, 7 June 2010

So like I said last week, I don't know what I'm gonna use this for. Probably just browsing other peoples blogs, and reading about music and such. I doubt I'm gonna tell any of my friends about it, because their bloggs all serve purpose and are worth reading, where as this is the opposite. It's just gonna be a time passer, and if anything positive comes out of it then good. Gunna start browsing and see if I can find anyone/anything interesting. I might post some photos from time to time, but most pics I take these days aren't really worth looking at.

I've really lost all patience with photography. When I first bought an DSLR all them years ago I thought it'd be the start of something good, and I guess it was at first. Came in handy in Spain and Amsterdam, and getting the odd photo published was pretty cool, but now i've really grown to hate the bastard. Rarely get good band photos these days either.