Monday, 1 November 2010

Eagle Twin, Pombagira & Normal Man @ Brudenell Leeds 27th November

Attempt at a little gig review, I felt it was needed because the gig was that good. I tried to write it in a style where it seems more casual, but still informative. i dunno. i dunno how i feel about it, i just feel i should be doing more after spending so much money on going to gigs and such. I can't write, but whateverz, hopefully i'll read back and think man, that was a good gig;

About 30 people turned up, and that was including the bands that were there. Didn't wanna miss Normal Man opening so we got there nice and early. They smashed out some good noise-rock riffs, complimented by sabbath-esque bass lines. Vocals wouldn't be to everyone's liking, but they worked for the music that they're playing. Sounded somewhere in between flipper and pissed jeans, which could never be a bad thing. Gonna check out their recordings though, definitely. Think they've got a couple of tapes done so I'll have to make a purchase. For fans of Flipper, Butthole Surfers, Brainbombs, Clockcleaner.

So as we were waiting for Pombagira to come on the stage, our new friends that we met in between sets came and sat with us as we admired the bands equipment. Judging on the sound we were about to hear, the southern doom duo had certainly invested their money in acquiring the right gear - and that's coming from someone who knows near to nothing about music hardware. To see that they were using 1970s sunn amps and old marshal cabs was good enough. They just looked awesome, never mind what they sounded like. Anyway, as they came to the stage what we heard was phenomenal. Smashing out riffs from their new album, Baron Citadel, I couldn't help but feel lucky to be in the room. The fuzz that came from the PA was insane, should have brought ear plugs with me. Completely in awe, I was grateful that the set went on longer that what I expected and didn't think anything could top it.

But I was wrong. Eagle Twin sounded just as awesome. Their set consisted of slow-to-fast hammering riffs from their debut album The Unkindness of Crows. It was strange though, some of their songs sounded completely different to what they sounded like recorded. Some of the riffs sounded - dare i say it - more conventional. More organized even. It doesn't matter though, it sounded awesome. We couldn't help but wonder if they'd ever sound like this live again due to the fact they were playing through Pombagiras colossal ensemble of amps and cabs.

To some the explosion of two-piece doom/metal bands is getting somewhat tedious, but these bands proved to me that they know how to do it properly. After listening to the CD again since the gig (several times) all I can think is,'this just isn't loud enough.'

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