Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sloath - Sloath (2010)

Sloath are a psychedelic drone sabbath-worshipping 5 piece from the sunny south of England. Formed in 2007 with their debut album out on Riot Season, they play repetitive, loud, slow skull smashing riffs that don’t really ever get old.

Their self titled release features 3 tracks and is over 40 minutes long. Might as well start at the beginning, the opening track, “Black Hole” doesn’t beat about the bush and hits hard straight away with spine shaking fuzz. Vocals are sparse, with an onslaught of chaotic wails every few bars. Track 2 see them introducing elements of desert rock, with bass tones reminiscent of early 90s Kyuss. With the crushing bass-heavy riffs, comes a high pitched bellowing riff complimented with well timed feedback and hard hitting drums.

Winding down with “Please Maintain”, we are mellowed out with slow, sombre tones that wouldn’t sit so out of place with Earth’s Bees Made The Honey In The Lions Skull. This 22 minute masterpiece reaches a peak just over half way through, then becoming more distorted, louder and setting a standard for what new bands describing themselves as post-metal, should probably try to sound like. Either that or they should put down their instruments and give up after hearing this album. Released only on vinyl and limited to 500 copies, this is a treasure worth owning. You can buy it here


  1. I like this. I'm going to whore it out.

  2. aw, cheers alice. though i don't know if I want it whoring out. I use the word riff too much and I struggle to string together a decent sentence. but i'm sure it'll get better! xo